Fujifilm FinePix A610 Photo #5 Samphire, broad bean, pea and barley soup

Cooked in vegetable broth. I nicked this recipe from the restaurant at the Frontline Media Club, near Paddington Station in London. www.frontlineclub.com/club_restaurant.php Their version was better. Excellent food, locally sourced and I think they have their own farm somewhere in the west country. Frontline represents quality journalism and is dedicated to ensuring that important, but no longer front page, national and international news stories are kept in sharp focus. It promotes freedom of expression and supports journalists, cameramen and photographers who risk their lives in the course of their work. The Frontline Club is committed to social entrepreneurship - profits from the restaurant and efforts from Club members help the work of the Frontline Charitable Trust and its events programme.

Technical Details

1/110 s
6 mm
200 ISO