The Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 is mostly gets compared to pro DSLRs. The Fujifilm FinePix IS-1's top rivals come from Fujifilm (such as the FinePix IS Pro)

compared toPro DSLR competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Fujifilm IS-1 compared to pro DSLR competitors include: it records higher quality movies (480p @ 30fps vs none), has more storage slots (2 vs 1) and is slightly lighter (750 g vs 920 g).

However, on average it has a much smaller screen (2" vs 2.5"), takes slightly lower resolution photos (9.1 MP vs 12.1 MP), has a slightly smaller sensor (1/1.7" 7.78x5.83mm vs APS-C 23x15.5mm), has a lower quality type of viewfinder (digital vs pentaprism) and is older (january 2007 vs july 2007).

Fujifilm FinePix IS Pro

Fujifilm FinePix IS Pro
6 months newer

Significant advantages of the IS Pro (vs the IS-1)

  • Much larger screen: 2.5" vs 2"
  • Has an optical viewfinder: Pentaprism vs Digital
  • Much thinner: 2.9" vs 5.1"

Significant disadvantages of the IS Pro (vs the IS-1)

  • Has fewer storage slots: 1 vs 2

common strengths of the IS Pro and IS-1

  • Built-in flashes