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Specifications Key specs
Help 26x
Screen size
Help 3"
Help f/2.8
Screen resolution
Help 460k dots
Wide angle
Help 24 mm
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
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Fujifilm X-S1Fujifilm X-S1


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Fujifilm X-S1.


Fujifilm X-S1 review
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  • 1080p Full HD


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The Fujifilm X-S1 vs other recent digicams

Aperture Very wide aperture Help
Wide angle Great wide angle lens Help
24 mm
Screen flips out Flip-out screen Help
Great for movies
Built-in flash Built-in flash Help
Usually standard
Image stabilization Image stabilization Help
  1. Lens
Fastest shutter speed Fast shutter speed Help
1/4000 of a second
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The Fujifilm X-S1 vs other recent pro digicams

Battery life Incredible battery life Help
460 shots
External flash External flash Help
Better lighting
External mic jack External mic jack Help
Record higher quality audio with a microphone
Viewfinder Doesn't use battery, see more detail Help


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The Fujifilm X-S1 vs other recent digicams

Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
460k dots
Announced Old Help
November 2011
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Lowest price Very expensive Help
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The Fujifilm X-S1 vs other recent pro digicams

Aperture Very narrow aperture Help
Size Quite large Help
Large (135×107×149 mm)
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
3,200 ISO
Autofocus contrast detection autofocus Help
slower focusing
Thickness Thick Help
Sensor size Slightly smaller than average sensor Help
2/3" 8.8x6.6mm
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
7 fps
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
12 MP
Missing geo-tagging
Weight Very heavy Help
920 g


front photo of the Fujifilm X-S1back photo of the Fujifilm X-S1angle photo of the Fujifilm X-S1


Fujifilm X-S1

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Showing 13 comments

Avatar for Alexander Cooper Alexander Cooper (4:21 PM, February 08, 2016)
Avatar for Alexander Cooper Alexander Cooper (4:21 PM, February 08, 2016)
Hi - I note that this one says it does not support 24p for a 'film' look. Is this correct? Because I see in this youtube video that they compared this to a rebel t3 and it came out on top.
Stephen (1:29 PM, February 02, 2013)
Hi I am looking for a camera that can take decent sports shots (ie Judo, martial arts etc) Ideally I would like the Canon 7D but the budget just won't stretch that far. I was looking at the Fuji X-S1 and the Sony Alpha 57 liked both of these cameras a lot, the Sony seems to be a faster camera but would I have to invest in a new lens to avail of the benefits? The Fuji on the other hand is a fixed lens with an aperture of f2.8 any advice which might make the better choice?
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (2:25 PM, July 03, 2012)
Thanks for letting us know, we must have missed that. We have added it now, and it will appear on Snapsort tomorrow. You can see the scores on our sister site Sortable now if you would like.
Santhosh0304 (0:54 PM, July 02, 2012)
DXO scores for X-S1 has been updated on June 27 still not updated here ?
Tonyhansen (5:17 AM, February 13, 2012)
Hi, may be a bit late here but i have had the x-s1 for over 2 weeks now and love it. The iq is great and you still have the features of the h10, h20. The x-s1 is a lot faster especially with shot review turned off. It is bigger, better,weather sealed and with optical image stabilisation. With the size i find it very comfortable to use and carry. Hope this helps. nesnah53. You can check my gallery on the fuji photo site.
Dante (1:06 AM, February 05, 2012)
Thanks for an extremely useful site for comparing and buying cameras.

Please note that the X-S1 does have something for HDR effect,  Although it is only available at reduced resolution in its EXR cell binning mode, the results are in some aspects better than the normal HDR. 

Also, the X-S1has metal body and lens, both of which are weather sealed.  I believe that should be mentioned when comparing with other superzooms or other cameras in its price bracket, e.g. the G1X.  Finally, a bridge camera that really handles like a well made DSLR.  Yes, I tried it.
Xw. (3:26 PM, January 23, 2012)
As someone previously mentioned, the 0.47" viewfinder has a 100% coverage. The XS-1 has upto 10fps continuous shooting capability, and supports 70, 120 and 200fps high speed video.

I'm stuck right now between this or a Canon EOS 60D. For me, I want to upgrade from my current HS10, mainly I want a better picture quality, but I have also done some contract work recording for a boxing company, which involved filming for DVD upto 12 fights per night, and I have shot all of them with minimal issues using my HS10 @ 720p, so a video quality boost would also be a great addition for me.. I shoot movie shorts too and his is where the issue comes, I want DSLR quality, but I don't want to give up the massive range of features of the HS10. I like the fact that the XS-1 also supports remote release, and external mic - something which is another big plus for me.. Can anyone offer any advice?
Santhosh0304 (11:21 AM, December 08, 2011)
Fuji X-s1 has 49 focus points -
Santhosh0304 (11:18 AM, December 08, 2011)
sorry pfa the link from fuji website
Santhosh0304 (11:16 AM, December 08, 2011)
Fujifilm X-S1 has a Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) - 100% Coverage 1.44 million Dots of High Definition Quality
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (9:07 PM, November 30, 2011)
Hi Steven, sorry about that, we just added the X-S1, and you're right it does have image stabilization, our mistake, we'll get that fixed asap.
Avatar for Steven Steven (8:23 PM, November 30, 2011)
Fujifilm X-S1 has image stabilization:

Looking at the other sites, they also state that the image stabilization is optical (i.e., lens-based).