The Casio Exilim EX-Z80 is mostly gets compared to compacts. The Casio Exilim EX-Z80's top rivals come from Fujifilm (such as the FinePix Z115)

compared toCompact competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Casio EX-Z80 compared to compact competitors include: it has a slightly wider aperture (f/3.1 vs f/3.9), is significantly smaller (ultra compact (90×52×19 mm) vs super compact (97×58×20 mm)) and is slightly lighter (100 g vs 145 g).

However, on average it has a much narrower wide angle lens (38 mm vs 28 mm), has a slightly smaller screen (2.6" vs 2.7"), slightly lower maximum light sensitivity (1,600 ISO vs 3,200 ISO), doesn't have a touch screen and is older (january 2008 vs january 2012).

Fujifilm FinePix Z115

Fujifilm Z115
4 years newer

Significant advantages of the Z115 (vs the EX-Z80)

  • Much better wide angle: 28 mm vs 38 mm
  • Has a touch screen

Significant disadvantages of the Z115 (vs the EX-Z80)

  • Significantly larger: Super compact (97×58×20 mm) vs Ultra compact (90×52×19 mm)
  • Heavier: 145 g vs 100 g

common strengths of the Z115 and EX-Z80

  • Very small: Super compact (97×58×20 mm) vs Ultra compact (90×52×19 mm)
  • Very thin: 0.8" vs 0.7"
  • Very light: 145 g vs 100 g