Canon PowerShot SX30 IS Photo #44 Get Your Goose On! - Alaska Style

Student Conservation Association intern, Rory Psotka Credit: Shelly Lawson / USFWS The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge is a United States National Wildlife Refuge in the Kodiak Archipelago in southwestern Alaska, United States. The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge includes the southwestern two-thirds of Kodiak Island, Uganik Island, the Red Peaks area of Afognak Island and all of Ban Island in the archipelago. It encompasses 1,990,418 acres (8,054.94 km2).[2] The refuge is administered from offices in Kodiak. The refuge contains seven major rivers and about 100 streams. It is a spawning ground for all six species of Pacific Ocean salmon, trout and several other fish species, as well as a nesting ground for 250 species of bird, many of which feed on salmon. The refuge has only six native species of mammals: Kodiak brown bear, red fox, river otter, ermine, little brown bat and tundra vole. The non-native mammals Sitka deer, mountain goat, Roosevelt elk, snowshoe hare and beaver wer...

Technical Details

1/200 s
33 mm
160 ISO