Canon PowerShot SD450 Photo #48 Proximate adolescence

Between 1973 and 1987 I slept here less and less frequently, the implausibly northern Bronx. It was an ok place to grow up, as these things go. Two weeks ago I went to the Queens Museum of Art and stood on the glass bridge over the panorama model. I saw my mother's house as maybe the Corona satellites saw my mother's house. Over to the left you can see Van Cortlandt park, where I rode ponies once, and to the right, Skyview Towers, where Suzi Bukinik and Alden lived. Beyond that, things were a little mysterious until high school, and then they became completely mysterious. It wasn't like growing up in Manhattan, it was like growing up in its increasingly strengthening orbit. Now from Brooklyn, the Bronx might as well be a million miles away, even with these huge feet I got. And whatever happened to Alden?

Technical Details

1/8 s
5 mm
141 ISO