Canon PowerShot SD110 Photo #38 Guitar reflection

Francis Doughty is one of the first national guests to have played on the show ( some 6-7 years ago 1999). Francis stopped in on the front of June 23rd's show to play a set with his three guitars ( a 12 string and two 6 strings ) and lovely, assistant Laura Doughty, who just so happens to be a classical singer and wife.. So many times folks will point to a name of a great guitarist when telling you about an artist they say; has been compared to Leo Kotkee, John Fahey, or Ed Gerhard and how many times will they really Be There Franny's there! He started out the set with a 12 string piece that knocked our socks off ; his arrangement of Geoff Muldaur's Mole's Moon. it set the tone for the show He now is on the growing roster of <a href="http:...

Technical Details

1/8 s
5 mm
96 ISO