Canon PowerShot SD110 Photo #40 Lone Lightning rod.

These are the rods approx 3/8ths of an inch thick they are solid Copper, they have to be heated w/ a high heat flame to get the solder to wick on to them, then the flame is dropped way down to sweat the sheet metal. 'course the scenery is sweet, wind was blowing about 8-12 knots. The other odd thing about these lightning rods; the braided copper cable from each is like a 16 strand 1/2 inch copper "rope" clamped into fittings the rods screw into. there are four 1 inch copper rods (solid) at the four corners of the house 8-10 feet into the earth . There are 16 dormers and 8 other rods on this house all but two (on the chimneys) had to be sweated. Copper work SET and Copper work SLIDESHOW

Technical Details

1/500 s
5 mm
50 ISO