Canon PowerShot Pro1 Photo #24 Yellow leaves

Maple tree in the final yellowish color phase before the leaves fall off. I used a Hoya circular polarizer to reduce sky haze by 50%, this enhanced the saturation of the blue linearly polarized component of scattered sunlight . I also positioned myself and the polarizer angle to boost leaf color by eliminating the white specular reflection component. It can be quite tricky to optimize both polarizer angle and the camera x-y-z position. For non-DSLR users the LCD viewfinders automatic gain impedes the determination of optimum polarization angle because the luminosity does not change as you rotate the filter. Polarized sunglasses were used to find the 'sweet' spot because sunglasses have a very wide field of view, are easier to rotate and allow you to spot and eliminate specular reflection glints because these are often very small but numerous and very difficult to see ...

Technical Details

1/20 s
7 mm
50 ISO