Canon G12 videos including samples, reviews and tutorials. The Canon G12 shoots video at 720p resolution at 24p, which is great for that film look, it has a flipout screen. The full list of modes supported is: 1280x720 @ 24 fps, 640x480 @ 30 fps and 320x240 @ 30 fps.


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Canon PowerShot G12 720p Low Light Sample

This low light video sample shows the Canon G12 in action.   Its definitely challenging to get good video or stills in lighting like that, the G12 seems to do ok.

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Canon G12 High ISO Sample

Filmed with the Canon PowerShot G12 in 720P HD, the color contrast and vivid shades of brown are impressive. Also impressive is this camera's ability to fully capture not only the essence but the personification of the steam, rising from the various buckets that are lain out. I am not...

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Nikon Coolpix P7000 Review

For the full Nikon Coolpix P7000 review, go to In a world where decent advanced fixed lens compacts are hard to come by, the Nikon Coolpix P7000 emerges from the boiling surface of quality. This is a very obscure genre—a fixed lens camera that features DSLR-style features and a...

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Canon PowerShot G12 Review

In this review you can see the body and controls of the camera.  Its rather large and brick sized, definitely not pocket sized (like the Canon S95 for example). The camera has two layered dials on the top right, one is the typical mode dial for aperture priority, shutter priority and...

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Canon Powershot G12 hands on at Photokina - Which? first look

Get our full report at We got our hands on the new Canon Powershot G12 at the Photokina camera show in Cologne.

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Canon G12 with Filter Adapter and Lens Kit

Just bought JJC RN-DC58B from ebay and wanted to share how it works with filter or/and lens kit for G12 since I couldn't find similar video on the web. Decide on JJC as Canon FA-DC58B is out of my budget but happy with the purchase :o) planning to use it...

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