Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi Photo #38 Flaming Desire

Have you ever sat in front of a fire and just watched the flames dance? Flames can be relaxing, at times mesmerizing, occasionally even mystical. But it truly is an experience when dancing flames really dance.... and you happen to be watching.... with your camera settings adjusted just right... and it's on... and you catch the shot. (it's s.o.o.c. too) I had forgotten about this shot from a few weeks ago when we were experimenting with lighting ice on fire. I get the impression of 2 dancers approaching each other for a tango. If I had any animation skills, I'd have one bow & other curtsy, they'd link hands and snap into position. They'd look burningly into each other eyes and start into a very short but smoldering tango dance, which would end after the big dip as he swings her outward for the final pose. I just can't decide on the ending> do they poof into smoke that wisps away....... or a more dramatic demise as one wipes a bead of sweat off that splashes other who sizzl...

Technical Details

Tokina AT-X280AF PRO 28-80mm f/2.8 Aspherical
1/25 s
36 mm
400 ISO