Canon EOS 7D Photo #5 2012_0310 - Wool Textures_3

I know, I know, right? Two weeks in a row with six high-resolution texture images absolutely FREE?! Boy, do we look after you lot, or what. When we snapped our brains out taking photos of various balls of wool in various states of being balls of wool, we were lucky enough to grab what we needed for about a month of texture images. So, that means we'll be able to bring you around another two weeks of these great shots in full resolution. This week's shots are all of a series of balls who's yarn changes colour as the ball winds down, for dramatic and cool effects on whatever you're knitting. It's like a rainbow of colour on your clothes! As always, Hosking Industries high-resolution texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, you may not resell, repackage or redistribute these textures or generally pass them off as your own for monetary gain etc. Use them in your design projects, but don’t use them for commercial gain. <a href="

Technical Details

1/160 s
63 mm
160 ISO