Canon EOS 5D Mark II Photo #35 Street Portrait, London: Ravi & Fleur De Guerre

I was down in London this Bank Holiday working on some off camera flash with a super group of photographers and Mikey from and we had headed over to Covent Garden when I bumped into three remarkably cool individuals and as I do approached them and made a pitch for a portrait. They were well up for it and having looked at the possible backgrounds I opted to cross the road to the entrance to a church hall that looked pretty good. I tried a few group shots with Jane, Ravi and Fleur but it just wasn't happening so having worked out the dynamic between the people I asked if I could shoot these two alone. I loved Fleur's vintage looks and his amazing tattoos. I was very happy that they hung around for this shooting as the entranceway stank of wee and their was some mad guy screaming for me to take his picture which made it all a bit crazy (just after this shot he was off camera left behind this shot)! Ravi and Fleur headed off after this and their friend J...

Technical Details

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
1/60 s
35 mm
100 ISO