Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS Photo #36 Struise Dirty Horse 2005

A glass of Dirty Horse 2005 from De Struise Brouwers in Oostvleteren, Belgium, served from keg at Alvinne Craft Beer Festival 2011. Dirty Horse, listed as retired on RateBeer, was available at the festival on tap in the 2005 vintage! This is a very special beer that was made using a lambic grist bill, composed of 70% barley malt and 30% unmalted wheat, for starter. No yeast was artificially added to the wort, which was exposed to open air for two days at the Noordhoek Ostrich Farm. First fermentation took place in sherry oak casks for six weeks. 200 g of Northern cherries were then added per litre and the Roeseleire yeast strain were added after six months, provoking a new fermentation. Eight months later, the beer was pumped over to oak casks for another 3 years of maturation! To cut a long story short, it made it to ACBF 2011! This ...

Technical Details

1/500 s
5 mm
400 ISO