Canon Digital IXUS 750 Photo #14 Festive Brass Band lights up Marsden Park

The 'friends of Marsden Park' (I don't know who they are but I support the idea of opening Parks up 'back to the people' and all that) organised a christmas carol sing-a-long, complete with (ironically) another village's band as centre-piece. I think it was the Linthwaite band in attendance (send me a note if that is wrong) I am not of a religious persuasion and don't have (slightly sadly) small enough kids anymore to share in the 'ooh' factor of darkness, music and twinkly lights.. but it was very nice and festive all the same. And just across the road from my house so I didn't miss out on the very nice roast dinner we had afterwards to warm us back up :-)

Technical Details

1/13 s
7 mm
400 ISO