The Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS is mostly gets compared to other pro digicams. The Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS's top rivals come from Canon (such as the Powershot S100)

compared toPro digicam competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Canon Pro90 IS compared to other pro digicam competitors include: it has a viewfinder (digital vs none) and supports an external flash.

However, on average it has a slightly narrower aperture (f/2.8 vs f/2), has a much narrower wide angle lens (37 mm vs 24 mm), has a much smaller screen (1.8" vs 3"), is much larger (large (127×84×140 mm) vs compact (99×60×28 mm)) and takes much lower resolution photos (2.6 MP vs 12 MP).

Canon Powershot S100

Canon Powershot S100
10 years newer

Significant advantages of the S100 (vs the Pro90 IS)

  • Much smaller: Compact (99×60×28 mm) vs Large (127×84×140 mm)
  • Much better wide angle: 24 mm vs 37 mm
  • Much thinner: 1.1" vs 5.5"

Significant disadvantages of the S100 (vs the Pro90 IS)

  • No external flash support
  • No viewfinder: None vs Digital

common strengths of the S100 and Pro90 IS

  • None found