Summary Canon G11

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Camera only
Score Snapsort rank
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#n/a of 0
Specifications Key specs
Help 5x
Screen size
Help 2.8"
Help f/2.8
Screen resolution
Help 461k dots
Wide angle
Help 28 mm
Movie format
Help 480p @ 30fps
see all specifications
Canon PowerShot G11Canon PowerShot G11


Canon has replaced the PowerShot G11 with the G12.

Canon PowerShot G12
Canon PowerShot G12 announced September 2010

Compare the new Canon G12 vs the G11


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Canon PowerShot G11.


Canon G11 Duck Sample
  • Sample video
  • Zoom
  • Autofocus
  • High ISO
Canon G11 Portrait Mode Tutorial
  • Tutorial
  • White balance
  • Shooting modes
  • Photography
Canon G11 Photo Bracketing Tutorial
  • Tutorial
  • Exposure bracketing
  • Shooting modes
  • Photography


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The Canon G11 vs other recent digicams

Aperture Wide aperture Help
Screen flips out Flip-out screen Help
Great for movies
External flash External flash Help
Better lighting
Fastest shutter speed Fast shutter speed Help
1/4000 of a second
Image stabilization Image stabilization Help
  1. Lens
Battery life Incredible battery life Help
1000 shots
Viewfinder Doesn't use battery, see more detail Help


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The Canon G11 vs other recent digicams

Wide angle Poor wide angle lens Help
28 mm
Screen size Very small screen Help
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
3,200 ISO
Sensor type Sensor type Help
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
461k dots
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
1.1 fps
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Announced Old Help
August 2009




front photo of the Canon PowerShot G11back photo of the Canon PowerShot G11angle photo of the Canon PowerShot G11


Canon PowerShot G11
PowerShot G11

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Showing 6 comments

Atterobots (5:17 PM, January 10, 2011)
i need a manual o guide to set up a tele-conversion lens, teleconverter lens and makro lens on Canon G11..please teach me
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (0:09 AM, October 29, 2010)
Fixed the liveview issue, thx!
Luke31 (11:41 AM, October 12, 2010)
The G11 got live view. Just the Quick Shot mode hasn't got live view and you have to use the viewfinder.
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (0:55 AM, August 30, 2010)
Good catch, we'll update our specs for the G11 to note the moveable screen. It looks like the G11 does shoot 12,800 ISO at a reduced resolution, 2.5MP, thanks for pointing that out!

Thats interesting that Canon claims a 2 f-stop improvement from the G10 to the G11. Snapsort pulls benchmarks from DxOMark, and their test results indicate that the G11 only has a slight (0.1 f-stop) advantage over the G10, see our comparison of the G10 vs G11.
Pingupenguins (0:49 AM, August 30, 2010)
Secondary note: The G11 is said by Canon to have 2 stops better noise reduction than the G10. Shooting a G11 at 800 ISO is said to be the equivalent of shooting a G10 at 200 ISO.
Pingupenguins (0:47 AM, August 30, 2010)
The G11 has a movable screen and will go up to 12,800 ISO when in Low light mode.