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Sensor size
Help APS-C 22.3x14.9mm
Screen resolution
Help 1,040k dots
Help 17.9 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
Screen size
Help 3"
Light sensitivity
Help 6,400 ISO
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Also known as: Canon EOS 550D, Canon Kiss X4

Canon EOS Rebel T2iCanon EOS Rebel T2i


Canon has replaced the Rebel T2i with the T3i.

Canon Rebel T3i
Canon Rebel T3i announced February 2011

Compare the new Canon T3i vs the T2i

reviewsWhat are people saying about the T2i

"Since the body shell is virtually identical to the EOS 500D that it replaces, the handling is also virtually identical, meaning the grip still feels a bit fiddly unless you're got very delicate hands." | talking about the camera's feel
"Quite simply, taken as a whole, it is the best camera of its class that we've ever seen, and one of those rare cameras that won't look out of date in a couple of years' time." | talking about the camera's overall-performance
"High-spec video mode, including external microphone jack" | talking about the camera's video-quality


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Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Rebel T2i

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Showing 25 comments

jbherber (6:42 PM, January 18, 2013)
i used to have a canon a1 and a pentax slr's so since dslr are introduced i decided to get one, i've been looking at some cameras and i found the the canon 550d really interesting for one its cheap, dead cheap for a good camera, i got one and i really loved it bought some good lens with it like the sigma lenses and it shoots great.. i love canon products. thank you canon!!!
Avatar for John Fredy John Fredy (5:03 AM, June 06, 2012)
Superb image
quality in both photos and video. image quality is pretty good. I have made
some test shots and despite going up to an 18 MP sensor the noise is not much
of an issue and I shot several pics at ISO 3200 which look quite good. I then
shot some in 6400 which did start to show some noise in the low light but still
made for serviceable pictures. 


I have been
using the video mode a lot more than I initially expected. While it doesn't
offer continuous auto-focus and therefore might not replace a camcorder, once
you get the hang of manually focusing this is not a big problem. I many times
have found myself in situations where photos couldn't capture the moment as
well as a video could, and the ability to record clips has been very


I purchased it from AMAZON and save $50. Simply click this link to buy there :
Drpranavsingh (3:15 PM, December 27, 2011)
I get a feeling that snapsort is biased towards Nikon cameras. For example D5100 and T3i comparison. 
Avatar for djguttapercha djguttapercha (9:24 PM, December 10, 2011)
For dental inner mouth photos, what is a better setup for the money (tight budget, but i like the idea of adding on to the t2i in the future)?  1. S95 with a Bower SFDRLM Digital LED Ring Light or 2. t2i, stock lens, Raynox DCR-250, and Macro Ring Flash LED Light?
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (4:14 PM, December 06, 2011)
I assure you it is not an intentional slight, Sony makes great cameras as well. 
Rompuck8 (4:12 PM, December 06, 2011)
Sony models do!
Rompuck8 (4:09 PM, December 06, 2011)
I have a question, snapsort always comments well on canon or nikon, and seems to defend them when comparisons are hinted. Why noone on this site say anything good about Sony(for canon t2i comperesont sony a55) it is amazing camera or even supirior in many specs.
Ilianette (11:46 PM, December 05, 2011)
la canon t2i :)
CT (5:51 AM, November 23, 2011)
Which is a better camera for taking video? The T2i or the Nikon D3100?
Avatar for BSherratt BSherratt (7:41 PM, August 27, 2011)
The T3i also has a flash control which lets you control multiple off camera flashes.
Rishi B96 (6:47 PM, August 27, 2011)
is the only benefit of the t3i vs the t2i, the flip out screen?
michael (4:05 AM, August 08, 2011)
hola soy de chile y estado muy atascado porque no se q elegir soy novato en la fotografía pero se usar un poco las cámaras. Tengo dinero para comprar la canon t2i y la nikon d3100 nose cual elegir busco calidad de imagen y vídeo, fácil de usar especialmente y algo de que no me arrepienta. He visto la encuesta de snapsort y que me a ayudado mucho porque desde un principio iba a comprarme una sony a33 pero me informe y ahora estoy entre la canon t2i y la nikon d3100. Quiero la canon pero tengo miedo a que sea muy compleja para mi nose si me basta con leer el manual de instrucciones. Cual de las dos elijo?
aaaaa otra cosa mas tenia una camara digital semi proo fujifilm y nunca he ocupado una reflex digital.
Rado1127 (0:26 AM, July 31, 2011)
which is the better camera (under $800) for action pictures and general use.
Avatar for Alexandre Reiff Janini Alexandre Reiff Janini (8:48 PM, July 26, 2011)
I have been using my T2i for a while now, and I couldn't be happier with it.
Previously I owned a Canon PowerShot S3 IS, and I thought it was great, but it was stolen. I ended up testing a friend's Canon EOS 50D and I immediately fell in love with DSLRs.
After a ton of research, I chose the T2i as my first DSLR and I think I made the right choice!
I learned so much about photography and improved my photography skills greatly after I got it. It's an all-around awesome camera, and the possibility of changing lenses means you can keep on improving without being limited to the camera body's features.
Koniczech (2:54 PM, July 20, 2011)
I disagree;  If you are starting out, I don't think you should get used to all the bells-and-whistles of modern photography.  If you rely too heavily on IS, you will not learn to stabilize yourself as well as if you needed the IS.

Just a thought...
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (1:40 PM, July 06, 2011)
Most DSLR's in this price range do not have image stabilization in the body. It is usually handled in the lenses, with Canon it is called Image Stabilization (IS) or Nikon Vibration Reduction (VR).
Joe (2:16 AM, July 06, 2011)
I'm concerned about the lack of image stabilization in a bunch of these entry level canon and nikons. I'm new to dslr and may feel it would be good for newbie budding photographers. Thoughts?
Papa (5:25 AM, May 28, 2011)
For movies/video REBEL t2 is clear winner with 1080p 30fps VS D3100 1080p 24fps=quality will be blurred etc.

Rebel also has faster shoot speed and better quality photos.

Sage (2:46 AM, May 28, 2011)
really not sure whether to get D3100 or Canon Rebel.
I'm new to photography, this would be my first good camera, i'm 14 as well.
i dont really know all the tech specs and what ever everything means, so, yeah. anybody know which one i should get?
Bbsawyer7 (9:59 PM, May 12, 2011)
Correction: The T2i can shoot 720p at 60fps as well.
Danilss544 (11:44 PM, April 08, 2011)
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (4:40 PM, March 11, 2011)
Good choice, happy shooting.
Avatar for Za1n Za1n (4:38 PM, March 11, 2011)
thanks a lot for your feedback. i greatly appreciate it.
i think ill go with D3100:D
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (2:13 PM, March 11, 2011)
I know you said you have looked at the comparisons of the D3100 and the T2i already, but here is the link in case anyone else is wondering.
I do not think you will be disappointed with either of these cameras, they are both solid and among the most popular DSLR's on the market.
Just a few things that you should think about when deciding what camera to buy:
* The T2i has a built in focus motor which means it can autofocus with most lenses. The D3100 does not, so it will only autofocus with newer lenses that have built in motors.
* The T2i is a bit smaller than the D3100, if you are use to a D80 or D7000 you might notice the drop in size, and it may not feel right in your hands.
* They both have their pros and cons when it comes to performance, but seem equally matched.
If you are not planning on using any old lenses then save your money and buy the Nikon D3100, other wise go with the Canon T2i.
Good Luck
Avatar for Za1n Za1n (5:35 AM, March 11, 2011)
i bought 2 point and shoot cameras in the last week and i am not satisfied with their results, guess i am use to the amazing quality pictures of my bros d7000
anyways i want to buy my self a DSLR also and i am very confused between nikon D3100 and canon t21
i have used nikon d80 and d7000 and i loved their results,but i have also hear some great comments about Canon and i am personally leaning more towards T2i, but if i can save a couple of 100 dollars and get the same quality pictures i would love to get a nikon d3100
and after comparing them thought snapsort, theres only 4 points difference between D3100 and t2i
can you guys please give me some feedback, i will be very thankful..

please please help me