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Body only
With 18-55mm, 55-250mm lenses
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 22.3x14.9mm
Screen resolution
Help 1,040k dots
Help 17.9 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
Screen size
Help 3"
Light sensitivity
Help 6,400 ISO
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Lenses Lenses
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Also known as: Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Canon Kiss X4

Canon EOS 550DCanon EOS 550D


Canon has replaced the EOS 550D with the 600D.

Canon EOS 600D
Canon EOS 600D announced February 2011

Compare the new Canon 600D vs the 550D


Explore our gallery of 49 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 550D.


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front photo of the Canon EOS 550Dback photo of the Canon EOS 550Dangle photo of the Canon EOS 550D


Canon EOS 550D
EOS 550D

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Showing 25 comments

CLARA (6:36 AM, July 17, 2013)
jhayar (4:39 AM, March 26, 2013)
how many zoom this
Sara Ali (0:05 PM, June 21, 2012)
mamun am kinda confused of buing which of 550d or 600d .. alot of people recommended 550 because the shutter is less likely stuck and there are slight differencies in the features. yet i need a push to take a final decision, so should i go for 550 d :s
Mamun (3:25 PM, June 06, 2012)
I am using it for last 5 months.......before buying this one I was confused to select among Nikon 5100 vs Canon EOS 600D vs Canon EOS 550 D..... Finally I had selected Canon EOS 600D. ( Now here comes the point Nikon vs Canon.... I preferred Canon because - When you are buying a camera actually you are not buying only a DSLR but the whole System and Equipment....In this regard Canon is ahead ). I went to the shop then the shopkeeper told me to buy 550D.... I knew that 600D and 550D are using same sensor , pic are all same. but the articulated screen is the main advantage of  600D. Then the shopkeeper told me to buy 550D and save some bucks for next me I have taken the right decision. This is a great Camera.....excellent performance on this Price level. Now I love to LOVE my Canon EOS 550D...... Highly recommended Camera for the Newbies......... 
Biggybig (8:08 PM, June 04, 2012)
BEst DSLR..even works professionally to professionals. Only complain is its Low Light Capability and auto focus on VDO...Its a bit disappointing otherwise it is even the  best than some pros .
Avatar for PC1512 PC1512 (2:31 PM, May 02, 2012)
Yes - EF lenses will work on any EOS body.  EF-S lenses will work on any "crop" (not full frame) body, including the 550D.
Avatar for PC1512 PC1512 (2:30 PM, May 02, 2012)
IS helps with camera shake, but NOT object shake or motion - the only cure for that is a faster shutter speed.

Note that IS on Canon DSLR's is lens dependant - ie, the IS is done in the lens and only certain lenses have this function.
Avatar for PC1512 PC1512 (2:27 PM, May 02, 2012)
Yep this isn't really fair - IS is available, and even comes fitted in the standard kit lens, Canon (like Nikon) just place it in the lens rather than the body.
Khriz (3:05 AM, April 21, 2012)
what do you mean by "there is no image stabilization"? is it in the camera? if in general, some of the lenses have IS.
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (10:25 PM, March 07, 2012)
Yes, we were saying that the 550D doesn't do HDR automatically in camera, but we point out above, that you can do it manually. 
Lucipasc2 (10:21 PM, March 07, 2012)
it's not true you colud hdr manually!!!!!
Wicky_mj (0:36 PM, February 25, 2012)
what is the current price of 550D n 600D ?
NAgiSouchiroz (0:07 PM, January 02, 2012)
seriously i want to buy this gadget .but i didnt have the money though :(
deepsid (10:15 PM, November 26, 2011)
hampir 6jt om body doang. klo full set 6jt lebih
Avatar for Satyam Joshi Satyam Joshi (11:48 AM, November 22, 2011)
there's no single site or person that can put the best out of these 3s..Canon 550D and Nikon D5100 or D3100 ! Features donot impress me much..but performance and image quality!
Avatar for Satyam Joshi Satyam Joshi (11:45 AM, November 22, 2011)
Avatar for Satyam Joshi Satyam Joshi (11:44 AM, November 22, 2011)
does VR or canon IS remove the blur from image.....can it save from camera shakes or object shakes(object in motion) ??
Matthew (11:29 PM, November 10, 2011)
i have 550d for more than a year and i love the feeling of becoming better photographer knowing my camera.!!! :)
Christinamather (2:13 PM, November 09, 2011)
hey does the canon 550d have color selector?
Csaba (7:40 AM, October 27, 2011)
The video formats should be corrected above. The 550D can shoot 60 fps at 720p.
Jayant (1:48 PM, October 14, 2011)
Not started using it but it has awesome results, regards - Jayant
Giegaszt (5:20 PM, August 21, 2011)
ini harganya berapa ya?
Matt L Walker (6:00 PM, July 27, 2011)
I have a Canon EOS 300 with a 35-80mm lens. Can I fit this lens on the body of the Canon EOS 550D
Gefcool (5:53 AM, July 16, 2011)
Great Camera also pretty much comparable to the EOS 7D.. Less money, much specs!
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (2:55 PM, June 22, 2011)
Yes, its called AI-Servo.  The 550D has three AF modes: one shot, ai focus, ai servo.   One shot is for still subjects, ai servo is for moving subjects, and ai focus lets the camera decide between the two.