Summary Canon 20D

Prices Price
Body only
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#n/a of 0
Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 22.5x15mm
Screen resolution
Help 118k dots
Help 8.2 MP
Movie format
Help None
Screen size
Help 1.8"
Light sensitivity
Help 1,600 ISO
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Canon EOS 20DCanon EOS 20D


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The Canon 20D vs other recent entry-level DSLRs

Viewfinder Doesn't use battery, see more detail Help
Fastest shutter speed Fast shutter speed Help
1/8000 of a second
Thickness Thin Help


The Canon 20D vs other recent entry-level DSLRs

Movie format No movies Help
Screen size Very small screen Help
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
5 fps
Live view No live view Help
Preview with viewfinder
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
8.2 MP
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Missing geo-tagging
Viewfinder coverage Below average viewfinder coverage Help
Weight Very heavy Help
770 g
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
118k dots
Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
1,600 ISO
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Weather sealed No weather sealing Help
Need to shelter it from weather
Announced Old Help
August 2004
Size Quite large Help
Professional size (144×106×72 mm)
Built-in focus motor No focus motor Help
Won't autofocus with all lenses
Popularity Not so popular Help
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front photo of the Canon EOS 20Dback photo of the Canon EOS 20Dangle photo of the Canon EOS 20D


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Whytobe (11:20 AM, September 08, 2011)
Thanks for your comment.I read it and then i'll go to buy it.
Leealii (10:50 PM, July 18, 2011)
I have both the 20D and recently purchased 7D.  I do a lot of different events, mostly parties & weddings. I decided to take both cameras out just to see for myself. On both Cameras, I used a Canon Speed-light 550 EX flash. With most of the lighting at some places, I really didn't see a difference.  However, when it came down to low light shooting, the 7D came out on top. I used a Tamron 17-50 mm lens with a 2.8 f-stop. You will not really see that big of a difference in general lighting, or daylight. If you have a 20D, just invest in good lenses. The 7D is if you want more mega pixels, and can do more with it (like convert pictures to B/W, and shoot stills while shooting Video) and if you are doing a lot of high end work. The Video Quality is Excellent but not that big of a difference. Unless you are going to be developing pictures the size of billboards, keep your 20D, and just get better lenses and a decent hot shoe flash that works well with your camera. You really need to study the 7D, because it's not exactly a camera that you can just take out of the box and start pointing and shooting. Some of your pics will be a mess if you don't know what you are working with. The 7D is not as simple as the 20D, but both cameras produce great quality pictures.
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (2:51 PM, May 03, 2011)
Glad you found a camera you like. Can I recommend our sister site LensHero, it is a good place to explore different lenses.
Dood (4:45 AM, May 01, 2011)
i bought the 20d (my first dslr) from craigslist. I love it. The controls are easy to use and I didnt even have to read the manual to start using it. If you are not going to print photos the size of bill boards and do not need to shoot videos the 20d is awesome. Buy a good condition used one and spend the rest on some good lenses. I bought the 20d with battery grip and three batteries, remote trigger, canon 18-55 lens and the cleanin kit for $520. I just bought a sigma 70-300 AF lens, a 2x teleconverter and three filters for another $300. So I am now set for some time. My next lens will be a macro with a magnification kit.
Dabs7 (11:16 PM, January 17, 2011)
Isn't it strange that the 7d five generations from the 20d is almost the same. The buttons on the left side and almost the same arrangment on the right side just a different cluster of different switches etc... I'll bet the 20D takes just as good pictures if all you want is still shots if you just know how to get photos.. I know all the different qualities the 7d has but it's up to the person to get the picture.. I might upgrade in the future but I will wait awile.. Dabs.................