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Camera only $549
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Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range #n/a of 2 Among similar cameras #n/a of 13
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Specifications Key specs
Zoom Help 4x Screen size Help 3.0"
Aperture Help f/2.8 Screen resolution Help 920k dots
Wide angle Help 28 mm Movie format Help 1080p @ 24fps
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Canon PowerShot G1XCanon PowerShot G1X



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The Canon G1X vs other recent boutiques

Image stabilization Image stabilization Help
Screen flips out Flip-out screen Help
Great for movies
Lowest price Inexpensive Help
Popularity Very popular Help
Among snapsort users
Supports 24p 24p movies Help
For that film look
HDR In-camera HDR Help
Combines multiple exposures
Viewfinder Doesn't use battery, see more detail Help


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The Canon G1X vs other recent boutiques

True resolution Lower true resolution Help
14.2 MP
Startup delay Longer startup delay Help
1900 ms startup delay
Dynamic range Narrower dynamic range Help
10.8 EV
Low light performance Noisy at high ISO Help
644 ISO
Panorama Lacks in-camera panoramas Help
You could stitch photos in post
Shutter lag Poor shutter lag Help
697 ms shutter lag
Battery life Shorter battery life Help
250 shots
Aperture Slightly narrow aperture Help
Overall image quality Low overall image quality Help
Color depth Less color depth Help
21.7 bits
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
1.9 fps
Sensor size Slightly smaller than average sensor Help
Four thirds 18.7x14.0mm
Macro focus Very poor macro Help
20 cm
Announced Old Help
January, 2012




front photo of the Canon PowerShot G1Xback photo of the Canon PowerShot G1Xangle photo of the Canon PowerShot G1X


Canon PowerShot G1X
PowerShot G1X

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Showing 11 comments

Avatar for algiskemezys algiskemezys (10:40 PM, October 21, 2014)
No mic input, which is disappointing. You can digitally manually focus in images but not in Video. it does have face lock, so that might solve your problem.
Avatar for algiskemezys algiskemezys (10:37 PM, October 21, 2014)
Yes and no, but it is something you can grip and love.
Avatar for algiskemezys algiskemezys (10:28 PM, October 21, 2014)
The image quality is impressive and you do not want to photograph with any thing less. It's solid and feels good in your hand. The flip out screen is a fabulous addition.Unfortunately, it's too slow for certain kinds of action images and the close focus is not good. The wide to zoom lens is OK but more zoom would be a bit better. This is a camera you can always carry with you. The dials are good and solid on top of the camera for quick exposure adjustment. You can adjust the flash output easily as well as other features. When shooting video, you can lock the exposure, which is a very good feature. The downside is no audio jack. The price is reasonable these days for this camera. I would not pass it up if your image making is reasonable and not to drastic. Here is a link to some images I made with this camera called "Born in Stone"
Chen (8:41 AM, April 27, 2013)
Why the hell is this camera in the "Boutique" category? It's very versatile, it's not expensive, got great image quality, a comfortable form factor... why isn't it in the digicam category where it belongs?
Alberto (2:07 PM, May 22, 2012)
I have recently bought this camera. The image quality is AMAZING. Really good. It is impressive. The big sensor really makes a difference. When I compare the photos with the ones of a DSLR I have the quality is very similar. It is, without a doubt, the best compact on sale right now. Even if you use it in Auto mode (for beginners or lazy pros) the image quality is superb. I of course recommend it. The only problems I have perceived are: price (way too expensive), slow AF (but acceptable), poor macro (but logical due to its huge sensor) and size (not really a compact.) If you really are after THE BEST image quality in a compact camera with a fixed lens (without having to worry about changing lenses or carrying bulky lenses with you like with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera), and don't mind a bigger size and a higher price than a normal compact, then this is the one for you! This camera is a beast.
Kayla (9:26 AM, March 08, 2012)
Does anyone know if the G1X allows manual focusing during video recording? Also, does it have a mic input? Thanks.
Z E C T E R (3:06 PM, February 12, 2012)
after watch a vid from DRTV about this product, I'm very excited. it's look like baby DSLR isn't it?
Polly Dougherty (10:56 PM, February 06, 2012)
I've compared the images on imaging-resource comparing meter of the G1X ( ISO 800&1600 ) against the Pentax K-5, Panasonic G3, Olympus EP-3, Sony NEX-5N and the Sony SLT-55v. I think the image quality of the G1X is better than the Pentax, slightly better than the G3, EP-3, and SLT-55v. Only the NEX-5N was a clear winner in my opinion. I have a Canon G9 now and the new Samsung NX200 ( which I love ). The G9 easily fits in a coat pocket or a small fanny pack. The G1X is only slightly larger than the G9 so I may be giving it to my daughter ( she likes it too! ) and buying a G1X for a small high quality camera. I have the Samsung 60mm macro and 50-200mm zoom plus the 18-55 zoom for special purposes. Using the i-zoom on the NX200 the 50-200 zoom can make a decent 11x14 print when zoomed to 616mm ( 35mm equivalent ).
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (3:06 PM, February 01, 2012)
Its updated now, thanks!
Qwe (0:03 PM, February 01, 2012)
Results are published in dxo marks -
Avatar for Craig Lucas Craig Lucas (9:35 AM, January 11, 2012)
I have the Nikon P7000, unreliable as hell but great when it works.
A full SLR sized sensor in a similar camera has to be a winner!