Canon EOS 6D Photo #5 Super Talented Youth!

Jan. 31 - A few years back, our high school library invited art and industrial tech students to hear a sculptor - welder give a career talk! The speaker brought wire and beads for the students to create. I marvel how a student made this intricate design in the 1/2 hour time allowed. Even after 4 years, I still have this sculpture given to me, the teacher librarian. I wonder if this super talented youth went on to an Art program or is in a related field. Hope so! I often enjoy studying the fine craftsmanship of this sculpture, marveling at the detail and wishing for success, today and tomorrow, for the student! I see real value in teaching Arts within our schools...develops Supermen and Superwomen talent!

Technical Details

1/80 s
90 mm
6400 ISO