Canon EOS 5D Mark III Photo #47 Stargazin

4Runner packed full of way too much gear for one person: check. Overpriced mountain bike mounted to the back of said 4runner: check. Fresh audiobook (Sanderson's Way of Kings): check. Cheez-its, some sausage, wrap fixings, and a chocolate bar or three: check Other people to join in the photo adventures: well no. So yep, this is an example of my typical photography technique. Press the 10 second timer button on my camera 5Diii (too cheap to get a remote shutter, ironic?), then frantically scamper in the dark to hop into position and assume as natural and dramatic a position as possible. Epic fantasy storyline being read to me the whole time, making my little attempts feel way more badass than they really are. This was taken in Fruita, CO. My first trip here to mountain bike sadly, as it is freaking awesome! Great set of runs, all circling the campsite. New favorite place to go! More Places to find me: Zach Dis...

Technical Details

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 IF EX DG HSM
30 s
24 mm
1250 ISO