Canon ELPH 100 HS Photo #22 Get Your Goose On! - Alaska Style

Kodiak Refuge Summer and Science Art Camp. Campers: McKenna Donohue, Bailey Mullen, Solomon Himelbloom, Tymber Bashem, Gage Johnson, Dominic Conol, Anastasia Gauthier, Abigail Groncki, Ashley Cowin, Leslie Spear, Brayden Pfister, Myah Morrison, Dylan Morrison, Olivia Young, Samantha Burnside, Tito Sabangan, Ava Pruitt, Greyson Lincoln. USFWS staff/volunteers: Kristen Riesberg, Ali Sutton, Rory Psotka and Kari Eschenbacher. Credit: Kari Eschenbacher / USFWS The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge is a United States National Wildlife Refuge in the Kodiak Archipelago in southwestern Alaska, United States. The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge includes the southwestern two-thirds of Kodiak Island, Uganik Island, the Red Peaks area of Afognak Island and all of Ban Island in the archipelago. It encompasses 1,990,418 acres (8,054.94 km2).[2] The refuge is administered from offices in Kodiak. The refuge contains seven major rivers and about 100 streams. It is a spawning ground for all six ...

Technical Details

1/1000 s
5 mm
100 ISO