Canon EOS 600D Photo #29 A big ball of stardust

I was out snapping the night sky (mostly trying for Jupiter at opposition) earlier in the week. Then I noticed FlickrFriday theme of "Stardust"... The foreground image (moon) is taken with a Celestron Nexstar4se telescope with my Canon EOS 600D camera screwed onto the back. The background stars image is just my Canon camera on a tripod with a 50mm f1.8 lens. [Umm, this image is the right orientation for people viewing it in the Southern Hemisphere. I can't account for those that see it upside down in the Northern Hemisphere. (Heh, heh, we down here all know that they are standing on their heads!)] At top right is a falling star. At centre right is The Hyades formation in the constellation of Taurus. And at bottom centre is The Pleiades (aka The Seven Sisters).

Technical Details

1/200 s
50 mm
400 ISO