What can you do at Snapsort?

Knowing which camera to buy is complicated. Snapsort's goal is to make it easier and faster for you to figure out which camera is right for you.

Snapsort can help you:


How is Snapsort different?

  • Snapsort is a camera comparison machine, constantly comparing cameras, so its advice is always up to date
  • Snapsort has all the latest cameras, not just the ones sold in any particular store
  • Snapsort isn't biased towards one camera brand or another
  • Snapsort provides context-sensitive help, so you can learn as you explore
  • Snapsort ranks cameras against your criteria, just for you, whereas most sites only sort by price or title (usually combined with filtering)
  • Snapsort's digital camera articles give current cameras as examples, and change as the landscape of cameras changes over time.


We're a venture started by Alex Black (software developer and part time professional photographer), Chris Reid (previously doing private equity) and Mark Feeney (former Software Engineer at Sandvine).

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black
  • Christopher Reid
    Christopher Reid
  • Mark Feeney
    Mark Feeney
Photos taken by Alex, except for Alex's which was taken by Mark


How does Snapsort make money?

Snapsort makes money in two ways:


Snapsort sometimes shows advertisements on its website from ad networks, and gets paid for these.

Affiliate Partners

Snapsort's pages include links to shop for products at 3rd party websites such as Amazon. Some of these companies pay every time a link is clicked (CPC), others pay Snapsort a commission only if a product is purchased (CPA). See affiliate marketing at Wikipedia to learn more. Snapsort gives unbiased recommendations and never takes affiliates into account when making product recommendations.

Examples of affiliate links:

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